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Yuki Tsuji with a fresh colorful whipping body and a refreshing smile cum creamer in cosplay photo session! ! The mini skirt nurse which seems to have jumped out of the world of animation, it is a maid like a doll to meet the needs of fans. The eyeball is cute maid who put on glasses at any rate. This figure is cute enough to give fans a surprise and a roar of joy. Fans also escalate to too much cuteness ,,, Heat for the first time in negotiations with the manager as “Please show me a pussy” on the way of shooting. And after this negotiations it will be a big deal for Yuki! What kind of hardship is it? It is fun from watching videos. . . . . Whatever you can do, whatever you can do, whatever you can say, you can say one thing, even if you take off your pants you will not remove the glasses! !

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