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A beautiful smiley and lovely style of Akira-chan, who is working hard in the restaurant, will be targeted by the manager. The store manager who seemed not to be able to hide excitement always in the back of Shinobu who worked hard, was asking that there was a gap in the liking of Takaharu. I rush her behind with her wiping table. At first it is Shinano who resists, but his hands are caught in the crotch and the switch has finally come in when a heavy kiss is done. I attacked my body so much that dripping liquid dropped by electric magazine or vibe, caressed my own body and asked the manager’s cock to cheek and put it in the mouth. I will do the job inside the shop where I am usually hospitable and I will have the last inside. Please enjoy the embarrassing appearance of Akinori who continues convulsion from beginning to end.

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